Humble beginnings

Aui’s life began in a small rice farming community in the province of Isan, located in the northeast region of Thailand on the Khorat Plateau, bordered by the Mekong River to the north and east, and by Cambodia to the south.

From an early age Aui felt quite different to the rest of her family, she had a strong desire for independence and to seek new experiences. However, born into a simple farming family the idea of breaking the cycle seemed somewhat a dream, rather than future reality. 

At the age of 18 years old, Aui was fortunate enough to begin her working life in a Japanese owned factory on the outskirts of Bangkok. Through sheer determination and diligence towards honest work Aui was selected to partake in a one year overseas training program, which led to her travelling to Japan. This is where Aui’s true passion and inspiration for art and design was realised.

At first, the inspiration came through taking an interest in the traditional art of Japanese calligraphy, Aui then started to explore a crossover between modern calligraphy art and fashion design, deconstruction calligraphic strokes as a basis for her early designs, by using a soft ink brush which allowed her to express form in a harmonious, and skillful manner, and truly learn to appreciate the beauty of each stroke. Eventually the brush was replaced by a sewing needle and the journey into fashion design began.

On returning to Thailand Aui worked as a seamstress, while continuing to study design and produce her own apparel. Life was not easy, and it took many years of hardship to finally be given an opportunity to create her very own fashion label. 

“It's all about creating an individual identity and then sharing it with others. I believe in simplicity and affordability,  to provide everyone with the chance to dress to impress without the expensive price tag’, Aui explains. 

 “If you have a strong desire or a goal, something that fully satisfies a wish; something that you have very much wanted to do or be then embrace it and never give-up, no matter how hard things get for you” - Aui.

The journey.....

Today, Aui’s company is helping women designers with similar backgrounds to create their own fashion labels, while giving them the opportunity to discover and embrace their individual design styles on the international stage. Aui also hopes to learn more from these designers, as they pioneer innovative techniques, with almost all of them drawing inspiration from their cultural origins, Aui believes pushing these elements to the forefront of design narratives as something to be celebrated.

Thanks to Aui’s continued determination and diligence towards her true passion, her presence on the International stage is growing, and Aui  hopes to inspire and empower other female designers through her work.

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