who we are

Edward WoodillEdward Woodill

As founder and design principal of Studio 3 Designs, Edward sets the pace for the firm’s creative process – LISTEN. THINK. DESIGN. Believing that great design serves a critical business and operational function, he and his team approach each project from an architectural point-of-view. Together, they work to create design that influences the way people feel and act in a space, improving productivity and enhancing the client experience to achieve desired business objectives.

An alumnus of Rollins College and the prestigious Pratt Institute Graduate Interior Design program, Edward sees education as an integral part of intelligent and thoughtful design. His desire to learn fuels a constant drive to seek sustainable, avant-garde solutions to modern-day working issues.


Nathan Vanags

The role of Associate Designer is one that requires a seamless extension of the firm’s creative process so as to meet stated design objectives. At Studio 3 Designs, Nathan provides just that. Like Edward, he strives to provide clients with unique design solutions that are as functional and sustainable as they are aesthetically pleasing. Organized and creative, he brings integrated tech-savvy solutions for the modern-day workplace to the table. A graduate of the International Academy of Design and Technology, Nathan possesses the precise combination of theory and know-how required to deliver extraordinary results – on-time, on-budget, and always with the client’s business objectives in mind.



Paige Turnbow

When it comes to any design project, exceptional results cannot be achieved without proper organization. As Firm Administrator for Studio 3 Designs, Paige ensures that managerial details never get in the way of the creative process. A graduate of Texas Tech University and a veteran of the design industry, she possesses a unique mix of know-how and ‘get-it-done’ ambition that is perfect for her multi-faceted role. Equal parts client liaison, scheduler, expediter, and accountant, Paige keeps projects on track and and ahead of schedule, which is a calling card of the firm.


Clifton BruceClifton Bruce

The latest addition to the Studio 3 Designs team, Clifton Bruce serves as Architectural Project Coordinator. In this role, he acts as the firm’s architectural liaison to the Architect of Record and the Structural and Mechanical engineering teams. Drawing from his years of experience across a broad range of commercial and governmental sectors, Clifton takes a simple, practical approach to each project. A lover of travel, he draws deep inspiration from historical architecture. As a designer, he is inspired by the unique opportunity that he has to leave a lasting impact on a built environment. Clifton is a graduate of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, where he attained a Bachelor of Architecture degree. He has served on the City of Orlando Historic Preservation Board for over 5 years, and he enjoys volunteering with youth organizations.