Boys & Girls Clubs

Boys & Girls Clubs – Joe R. Lee Branch
Eatonville, FL

Located in the heart of historic Eatonville, America’s oldest incorporated African-American Municipality, a dated building housed the local Boys & Girls Clubs branch. Undersized as it was, the humble facility served thousands of kids over the years, but the potential was so much greater. Thanks to the vision of former Darden Restaurants executive Joe R. Lee and the generosity of a number of supporting organizations, that building has been replaced with a brand new 9,000 sq. ft. facility complete with an arts room, computer lab, learning center, digital music studio, teen lounge and gymnasium. Studio 3 Designs centered the design around the Boys & Girls Clubs core beliefs, ensuring a positive and uplifting environment for the children and young adults that call the club a home away from home. With the new facility in place, program capacity has increased 125%.